Welcome to Tegtmeier Software!

Welcome to the homepage of Timo Tegtmeier Software - the home of quality individual software. At the moment we offer the following software: 

TTRCom is used to diagnose Trabitronic ECUs and is available for the following systems:

You're using Android?

You want your phone to be a little louder when you're on the go? Or silent when you're at your work or visiting friends?

No problem with Automatic Profiles!

Tegi's Commander is a simple file manager for webOS-powered devices. It's based on a node.js service and an enyo UI.

Following RSS/ATOM feeds has never been easier! Use FeedReader, the RSS reader for webOS and FirefoxOS.

Additionally you find some Delphi components here that have been developed in my spare time.

Enjoy reading the German newspaper taz on your webOS device with tazLoader!